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Monday, July 10, 2006


Hi New Member,

Welcome to gluten free dining. I am hoping that the GF Dinner Club will be able to meet approximately once every 2 months, or even more frequently. The idea is that before we meet, I will contact the restaurant and meet with them to discuss which foods are safe, which are not, and how to avoid cross contamination. I will also try to get a list of gluten free menu options from them. If there are any restaurants or types of food you would like to try, please feel free to make a suggestion, and I can look into it. It can be difficult as a celiac to eat out at restaurants and this is a great way to find new places that are more accommodating to our food sensitivities. It is also an opportunity for the celiac association to get the word out about celiac disease and educate the food industry about gluten intolerances.

This club is a great opportunity to meet other celiacs in our age group, and lets you get involved more with the celiac community. Many of us find it beneficial to have peer support, someone to talk to who has had similar experiences. Some of us have supportive people in our lives that we bring with us and you are always welcome to bring guests, but all guests must eat gluten free too. They can have gluten anytime, but with us they can really experience yummy gluten free food too. Everyone eating gluten free also helps to prevent any confusion, mix ups or cross contamination for our orders. It also prevents you from feeling like yet again you are limited. This is probably the most fiercely defended "rule" of the club. Everyone likes to know that the whole table is safe.

I want everyone to try new things and gain confidence in their ability to have a normal social existence and go out to safe restaurants where their needs are understood. I hope you will join us at as many dinners as you can.

See you soon!



Blogger Lee said...

How do I join the Gluten Free dinner club in Edmonton? I recently moved to this city and I am delighted to discover all the choice for gluten free dinning!! And I would love to meet some fellow celiacs in Edmonton. Tell me how!!!

10:22 a.m.

Blogger Carolyn said...

join the dinnerclub by emailing

8:53 p.m.


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