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Wednesday, January 31, 2007


I was thinking some genuine Mexican/El Salvadorean food would really hit the spot. The tentative plan for now is El Rancho Restaurant on Friday February 16th. They are only open until 9, so we might have to make dinner a little earlier this time, so I'm aiming for 6:30. The food is awesome, and not too expensive. The most expensive entree is around $16, but most are less than $12, and are still quite filling. I have yet to talk to the restaurant about us coming, so I don't want to make definite plans, but hopefully I will get a hold of them this week (the food is so authentic, it is difficult to get somebody on the phone who speaks English!). I will send you all an email when I have the exact details. As usual, see the link on the sidebar.


Blogger wil- said...

Can you please add me to your list of people for Club dinners? I am really interested in going. Not sure if I can make it for the upcoming one though. wilbrod at gmail d o t com.

11:42 p.m.


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