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Friday, September 07, 2007


Hey all! The next dinnerclub will be on Friday September 14 at The Creperie @ 7pm. The Creperie makes 95% of their menu gf, and it is all fabulous (and you don't have to eat crepes...they do other stuff too). They also make fresh gluten free bread every morning which is also seriously delish. If you are attending, please let me know by no later than SEPTEMBER 11, so I can include you in the reservation.
The address is: 111, 10220 103 Street NW, Edmonton.
Hope to see you there!


Blogger Phoenix said...

Hey, great blog you have here! I have been in Edmonton just over 3 years now and have had a tough time finding restaurants that have a gluten-free menu. I think this is great what you are doing here and I can't wait to try the Creperie. Did you also know that Normand's Restaurant is with the Celiac Association and has MANY gluten-free items!

3:21 p.m.


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