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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Creperie

The dinner club finally made it to the Creperie for a totally fantabulistic 3 course meal! The Creperie is absolutely wonderful for Celiacs, and they are very aware about gluten, cross contamination and the whole shabang. They also do 95% of their menu gluten free (Jenny was very impressed that the gluten free menu actually said 'in a gluten free crepe'). I had the opportunity to speak with the head chef, Knut, personally, and I was very impressed.

A total of 7 of us went for dinner on September 14. We started the evening out with homemade gluten free bread, made fresh everyday by the creperie chefs! They even shared the recipe with us! We then all enjoyed an appetizer of either soup or salad. I personally upgraded to the baked french onion soup...yum! We then endulged in a main course crepe. The most popular at the table seemed to be the corden bleu, but I really enjoyed my Crepes pacifico (filled with salmon, baby shrimp, asparagus, & dill). These crepes were seriously to-die-for delicious, and there was a lot of sharing going on around the table. For dessert, we had crepes filled with icecream and topped with whipped cream, almonds, and raspberry or chocolate sauce. I don't think that the dessert sat on the table for more than 5 minutes. We couldn't stop eating!

The food at the creperie is definitely a 10/10! The service was lacking, and I would probably give it only 3/10. I suppose that part of the reason it was so slow was due to the fact that gluten-free is a custom order, but we were there for nearly 4 hours, which had a few heads nodding by the time dessert rolled around.

Check out the awesome time we had, and some photos of our delish food!


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