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Sunday, October 07, 2007

October is Celiac Awareness Month (repost)

Celiac Awareness Month is the perfect opportunity to 'get the word out' about Celiac disease. By informing the community as a whole about Celiac disease, we make it easier for ourselves as Celiacs (or friends of Celiacs) to purchase products that are ok for us to eat (by convincing companies to have complete ingredient lists including all sources of possible gluten) and to go out to restaurants by making sure that they are aware of what contains gluten and how to avoid cross contamination. It is also important to 'get the word out' to others who may be suffering but are not yet diagnosed.

It is important for all of us to help 'get the word' out about Celiac disease, and here are several ways in which you can help!
Prepare a gluten free meal to share with your friends and family so they can taste how good gluten free can be!
Talk with the manager of your local grocery store, explaining the importance of the availability of gluten-free options.
Talk to the manager at your favourite restaurant about what foods are safe for you to eat and how to avoid cross contamination in the kitchen. Find out what menu items are safe for Celiacs and which ones can be modified for you (then share them with all your friends at the Gluten Free Dinner Club).
Contact a food manufacturer. Write, e-mail or phone food manufacturers thanking them for voluntarily providing consumers with adequate ingredient and processing information on labels or providing them with a "celiac friendly" label idea, or reminding them of the benefits to you and your family of full disclosure of ingredient sources on food labels.
Join the Canadian Celiac Association to help fund the national office and your local chapter. Membership fees go to research, chapter newsletters, national newsletters, and new member packages. The benefits are enormous! The association is your best source for any questions you may have about Celiac Disease.


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